Preventive Services

Encourage your clients to be proactive about their health.

All of our health plans cover preventive care screenings at no cost when health plan members see a network provider; even they have not met their deductible (if one applies). During the visit, the doctor will review their health history and may recommend preventive screenings, depending on age and risk factors.

Whether your clients want to eat right, exercise more, stop smoking, or just relax, they have a variety of resources at their fingertips.  As health plan members, they have access to health education classes, webisodes, and reading materials. Spanish language materials are available for all topics. To get started, they can call 1-800-720-7253 or sign in to our online member center.

Coaching is available to provide support but doesn’t replace treatment plans put into place by a doctor. A member should always talk to his/her doctor about any important health issues.

Your clients can also get support from a registered nurse. Our Disease Management Program is available to eligible members (adults and children) living with asthma and/or diabetes. Participants learn how to manage their health and track key health information. They also receive invitations to health education classes.